About Us

Treena Adams


"GeorjaKare", a name derived from love. Named after my best friend who passed away in the prime of her life from Sickle Cell.  She was a beautiful woman who inhabited natural as a standard of beauty, inside and out - Karen Georgia.

In my mid 40's I grew tired of over paying for products that offered nothing but chemicals and false promises.  As a woman of color I realized that most products did not agree with my skin, leaving it dry, flaky and inflamed.  My children also experienced the same issues.  A simple regimen is what I wanted to incorporate into my very active life. My goal was to create simple, no-nonsense chemical free, effective products not only for myself, but for my family. Created using all natural ingredients, containing DoTerra essential oils, naturally derived oils and butters, "Handcrafted with the Purest of Kare".

Inspired by the success of my skin care, I propelled forward and created a line of hand-made jewelry. A passion that I've had since my early twenties (I'm giving too many clues about my age, lol).  Every creative piece has been handcrafted with pride and attention to detail. I will not duplicate anything I've made, however I enjoy creating variations in a variety of colors and raw material. 

Enjoy your "One Of A Kind Handcrafted" !


Thank you for your support,

Treena Adams



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